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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

When the mothers talk ...

Seeing as how I've been on the bench for roughly the past nine months, I'm looking forward to getting back to some conferences.  Here's what's planned, at least for now:

9/12-9/14/12 - Looking forward to speaking again at the UNITED Security Summit in San Francisco.  This year I'm talking about "Why Doing Application Security Remediation Is Like Building a Rube Goldberg Machine."  (If this sounds familiar, it's because I'm going green and have recycled it from SOURCE Boston 2011.)

9/18-9/20/12 - My employer's gala event, the North American Hosting and Cloud Transformation Summit in Las Vegas.  This isn't a pure security event, so I enjoy talking with a wider variety of attendees.  This year's panel is called "Security and DevOps: Table Stakes of Doing Business?"  And I've got some heavy hitters who will be contributing to the discussion.

10/9-10/11/12 - I'll be hanging around at RSA Europe, because I really love London.

10/25-10/26 - Of course I can't possibly miss the OWASP AppSec USA conference, especially as it's in the 512 this year.

12/3-12/7/12 - In what I'm sure will be the blowout of the year, Security Zone 2012 will be gathering a whole lot of security experts in Cali, Colombia.  Oh, and I'll be there too, talking about the Security Poverty Line.

It'll be great to see a lot of cool people again, and catch up on the latest research.