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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A matter of taste.

I've figured it out: The word "cyber" is like garlic.

For most palates, just a bit of cyber in anything is enough. It makes it all a bit more interesting.

Some people love cyber so much that they put it in everything, in massive amounts (chicken with 40 cloves of cyber, for example). Others are so sensitive to cyber that they can't stand the faintest whiff of it.

If you've been raised in a culture that uses cyber a lot, you won't realize how it comes across to those who haven't grown up with it. People will pull away from you with horrified or disgusted looks on their faces and you won't know why. When you've been steeping in cyber, you don't notice the smell any more.

There's even a certain part of the United States that just loves its cyber. It puts on a regular cyber festival, where you can get cyber flavor in everything. I've never been to it myself, but I can tell you right now that I will never accept cyber-ice cream.

Some cultures love cyber, and some don't, but if you're part of a couple and only one of you has ingested cyber that day, you're going to have compatibility problems later on that evening.

And one final thought: if you feed your toddler too many spinach pierogi with cyber, she's going to be exhaling that stench for days until it clears out of her little body. Trust me on this one.