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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pack all the things!!

It's almost RSA time. I haven't figured out yet how many pallets of business cards to bring along, but I have got my two dozen Band-Aids and blister cream, three pairs of shoes, and two backup power supplies. So I'm pretty well set.

I'm looking forward to spending at least some of Sunday at B-Sides San Francisco, where there are some cool talks such as "Sorry Your Princess is in Another Castle: Intrusion Deception to Protect the Web" by Kyle Adams, and "My First Incident Response Team: DFIR for Beginners" by Chort (I feel as though the latter one should come with a picture book and a juice box).

I missed TongaCon last year, and I simply can't do that any more; if @Gillis57 is going to rickroll the Tonga Room again, I need to be there to lend a hand.

On Monday I'll be moderating two panels at the AGC Partners' 9th Annual West Coast Emerging Growth Conference (and that's the only time I'll try to type that again or say it out loud for the week). "New Frontiers in Endpoint Security" and "Taking the Fight to the Adversary: Threat Intelligence in 2013" are both going to be fun -- not just because there are going to be great panelists from many companies, but also because there have been some recent headlines that fit very well with both topics.

Tuesday is our company's breakfast event, and it's another chance to catch up with a lot of people I missed seeing last year. Wednesday morning is my panel with esteemed colleague Daniel Kennedy, "Psychographics of the CISO," also starring two actual live rockstar CISO types. And it'll be great to see the crowd at the Security Bloggers' Meetup in the evening. Rumor also has it that the Girls of Misogyny Networks will be in evidence somewhere on the RSA exhibit floor.

Friday is my talk with Andy Ellis (@csoandy) on "Living Below the Security Poverty Line: Coping Mechanisms," and I'm happy to be able to present this topic in front of an important audience.

And the rest of the time? Well, my Outlook calendar view for the week currently says "66 items."

See you there.